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Hi, this is Yolanda Vanveen and in this segment we’re going to learn all about how to plant Mint. Now there’s lots of different types of mint, there’s peppermint, spearmint and many other plants that are related. They all follow the same rules and they’re all really easy to plant.

Now Mint runs and grows from these runners. So you’ve got a have a root to have a stem. So as long as you’ve got even a little piece of root, it’s going to grow. They can even take some of the starts and just plant them right into soil or put them in a bucket of water or cup of water and they’re going to grow roots. It’s really that easy.

You want to give Mint full hot sun and really good drainage and good organic composted material. You don’t want to fertilize them at all. They do really well just with good compost and you want to plant them at least 2 or 3 inches deep so that the roots are really covered and they’ve got more room to run.

So I’m just digging a hole, setting the roots right into that hole and then just covering it up. Now Mint can really takeover, so if you have a small garden you want to make sure and either keep them in containers or in small beds as they can really take over a single bed and push all the other plants out and again give them full sun and good drainage and you can harvest them year-round.

As long as there’s foliage on them, you can have s in cold come Mint. In cold climates they go dormant in the winter. In warmer climates you’ll have foliage and you’ll have Mint all year round. They’re a really easy addition to your herb garden.

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