Heliotrope Winter Care


Hi this is Yolanda Vanveen from howtogardenvideo.com and I am here in beautiful Boring Oregon with Jane Stetner. Now she’s got a beautiful heliotrope, it was beautiful in the summer anyway and it’s died back. So we’re going to talk about what to do when your heliotrope dies back for the winter and if you can save it for spring.

My personal experience with the heliotrope, they never winter over with me, they die. As you can see with this one I do not protect this at all, it gets the whole elements.

So in colder climates like the northwest where we do get some freezes, I know my heliotropes never make it over the winter so I re-seed in the spring but in warmer climates I think you can just cut them down when they die back and then they’ll just come back in the spring. So what has been your experience?

Well, I always just let them go, I don’t take care of them or try to save them because I figure they have so many varieties I like to buy different varieties each spring because they’re all different colors anymore instead of your basic purple, they have the whites and the pinks and everything so I let them die and treat myself in the spring to new ones.

That’s easy to do.

Yes, that’s easy.

Again, you probably enjoyed them for the last six months.

Yes. I love the smell of heliotropes because it smells like vanilla and we love the smell of this plant.

It’s a beautiful addition, it’s so easy to grow.

Yes, right.

Thanks for sharing all your information. I appreciate it.

Tips / Tools / Supplies

Heliotrope Winter Care



Heliotropium arborescens, is an old fashioned perennial shrub from South America.

They are called cherry pie plant due to its lovely vanilla scent mixed with a cinnamon-like aroma.

Heliotrope attracts butterflies.

In colder climates grow heliotrope as an annual and start by seed in late spring and early summer.



Gardening tools-shovels, wheelbarrows, clippers and shears.

A small gardening shovel is best for planting. As they multiply use a large shovel to divide roots.



Heliotrope seeds or plants, a small or large container or a garden bed with soil and good drainage.


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